FireDragon gives a whole new meaning to “taking care of business”. It’s new and robust with dedicated research for frontline technology to stop ATP’s and secure your network. FireDragon breathes new power into SMB protection for your company and your customer.

FireDragon uses todays latest open source framework to automate the malware analysis process, and provide access to analytics that are derived from the FireDragon Database used in tracking actionable results.

The Power of FireDragon – No matter the origin or time devoted to devoted to stealing your data, FireDragon doesn’t waste your time trying to analyze the torrent on intelligence. FireDragon gives you actionable intelligence to prevent the damage and stop the intrusion.

The Power of Analysis – From exploitation to exfiltration of your intellectual property and financial assets, FireDragon examines and analyzes behavior; log files; files read, created or deleted; frequent network destinations; multiple host, users and domain; rate of intrusion and more.

The Power of Affordability – As the engine of the economy, SMBs deserve the same quality protection as the Big Boys. When it comes to security, it’s not the size of your business that matters, it’s the strength of your commitment. FireDragon lowers the cost of security to provide greater protection for more companies like yours.

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