NEC Presents UNIVERGE BLUE to Guide Your Business into the Cloud

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November 12, 2015
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November 25, 2015

NEC Presents UNIVERGE BLUE to Guide Your Business into the Cloud

NEC is moving ahead again, unveiling UNIVERGE BLUE Business Cloud Services, an enterprise-class cloud UC service that includes voice, messaging, mobility, presence, web conferencing, and contact center solutions.  NEC has over 100 years of experience bringing innovative communication solutions to the world starting in Japan and becoming an international megastar in UC.  UNIVERGE BLUE architecture is exceptionally resilient all the way from the application layer to the platform and infrastructure layers, delivering a complete end-to-end robust business cloud solution. NEC has built a solid foundation of NEC Fault Tolerance servers, software-defined-networking (SDN), data centers, and many types of UC software and this latest addition of cloud unified communications services makes their toolkit even more comprehensive and cost effective.

Become agile in the cloud

UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) or software-based communications in the cloud offer many benefits to businesses of all sizes.  Technology is currently undergoing sweeping changes, communication solutions are particularly in flux and what is up to date now, could be obsolete next month.  It makes sense to venture into the cloud for Unified Communications tools that are automatically upgraded and maintained.  In the cloud, new applications become available to a business immediately, saving time and money.   Instead of purchasing and implementing on-premises communication systems that could become albatrosses, UNIVERGE BLUE brings lightning quick provisioning of new features giving a business agility in a time when change is constant and technology is outdated nearly as soon as it becomes available.


UCaaS is a service and does not require an investment in hardware.  You only pay for what you need, as a service fee, making communications an Operating Expense (OPEX) rather than what it has been traditionally – a Capital Expense (CAPEX).

Additionally, IT staff are free to put their talents and effort toward other problems or issues while communications and collaboration flow freely throughout the enterprise.

Read more about UNIVERGE BLUE at NEC:

We can help

To find out more about UNIVERGE BLUE, contact us today at ATI Connect.  We are a valued partner of NEC and can help your company take the next steps into the cloud.