ATI is a proven leader in system technology for the courts. We have a talented team of developers that are on hand to assist the court with custom Interface Solutions to the case management system, jury system or just about any database system.

VCourt by StreamWrite – VCourt (see videos here) is a virtual court appearance solution that gives courts the freedom and flexibility they want and need for years to come. By combining the leading quality of telephony and video technology with new, up-to-date workflows, VCourt is – easier, better, and faster than anything out there!

Jury Interactive (Web and Phone) - ATI’s Jury Interactive system is an indispensable court solution providing jurors quick and easy access for reporting information, postponement, court locations and more. The system includes our Jury Group Administration Tool, which allows the jury commissioner’s office staff to manage individual groups’ needs, such as special reporting or callback times.

Traffic Pay (Web and Phone) - The Traffic Pay System is a very robust interface that enables the public to access via phone or web: traffic ticket information, pay fines, register for traffic school, get status updates on traffic school certificates, make payment plans, etc.

Case Lookup – Criminal, Civil, Etc. (Web and Phone) - ATI’s Case Lookup module provides secure public access to case information such as mandatory appearances, warrants, payment plans and fines.

Appointment Reminder System - The ATI Appointment Reminder System calls* the parties on your family law cases to remind them of upcoming court events, times and locations. It can also be integrated with the Jury Interactive system to call jurors to remind them of upcoming service dates, times and locations. *Information can also be delivered via text message.

Traffic Courtesy Notice Process Automation - With this ATI module, the court can automate courtesy notices for traffic including: final notices for FTAs, automatic convictions in the case management system and notification to your collections company.

The easy-to-use Web interface provides a report for the presiding judge to approve the cases for conviction. A simple click-and submit interface launches the conviction process for all cases occurring that week.

Tentative Rulings - Post your tentative rulings quickly and efficiently to the Web and to your phone system with our Tentative Rulings module. The easy to use Web interface will assist your employees in getting this task handled without delay.

Proceedings, In-Court, Real-Time Processing - Proceedings is a fast, reliable, easy-to-use in-court processing system that can reduce labor by up to 50 percent. When calling a case, the clerk simply selects the case from a list and records events using a straightforward interface designed to follow the flow of a hearing. A sophisticated PC program enables the clerk to: Access the court calendar; Record all court events; Produce minute orders and other court documents; Update the court’s case-management system, and much more.

When the hearing is over, the push of a button updates the appropriate back-office systems while the clerk starts work on the next hearing. Proceedings eliminates the need to record court events with paper and pen!

**Court Solutions can be deployed either as an on premise or hosted solution