ATI City, County, and State Technology Solutions improves local governments’ ability to communicate in an effective, timely manner with the people they serve.

The public demands the convenience and quick response that SELF-SERVE options can fulfill versus traditional long-wait queues and live agents.

ATI enhanced IVR is a cost-effective solution that can automate manual, time-wasting processes while saving money and improving customer satisfaction.

Welfare Benefits Access – Automation of information gathering, application status, appointment routing and cost sharing for Medi-Cal, General Assistance, Food Stamps and CalWORKS programs.

Foster Care Tracking – Eliminates overpayments and tracks foster care children in homes. Automation improves response and reporting capabilities for social workers and foster care providers.

Adult and Aging Interactive – Greatly reduces calls that live staff must answer by automating information gathering, application status, chore provider timecards and paycheck information.

Public Health – Bioterrorism notification and information gathering from multiple agencies and healthcare services.

Child Support Services- Automation of status payments and legal case status for Child Support Services.

Registrar of voters - Automation of information for registration process, absentee ballot forms, poll sites, volunteer services and staffing.

Utility Billing - Automation of balance due, due date, service cutoff and credit card payments via phone and Web. Outbound call notifications and SMS/Text Reminders of service cutoff.

Tax Treasurer Collector - Automation of property tax payment via phone and Web.

Public Works - Automation of building permit processes, update permit status, and scheduling of permit officers and inspectors.

**E-Government Solutions can be deployed either as an on premise or hosted solution