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StreamWrite Portals is a robust customer, self-service / business process automation platform that can accomplish almost anything. From customer payment portals by web & phone to interactive texting applications to automation of redundant business tasks, StreamWrite Portals leverages the critical information stored in your back office systems to enable a host of services across any number of service and workflow portals that is created and hosted for you on the Portals system.

While leveraging your existing business data from a variety of divergent systems portals can offer limitless possibilities for process improvement, customer and employee access. Here are a few examples:

PhonePortal – Offer telephone access to much needed information and functionality to users both inside and outside your organization.

WebPortal – A simple plug in allows you to extend the reach of the system to web users.

TextPortal – Our TextPortal gives access to data and information interactively using interactive text (SMS) capabilites that we designed into our platform and work from any text capable phone.

PaymentPortal – Making it quick and easy to pay helps improve the cash flow and the bottom line; Our payment portal makes it easy and with integration to our OutboundPortal, proactive payment notifications and further simplify and improve the process.

CollectionsPortal – By offering on demand and proactive (outbound) access to collection accounts and payment functions we can help you drive increased collections revenue from your past due accounts.

OutboundPortal – Proactively communications for whatever the business needs: appointment reminders, bill due, critical status notifications, etc. OutboundPortal supports any combination of phone, text and email notifications.

**Portals can be deployed either as an on premise or hosted solution

Genesys is a global leader of cloud services for customer engagement, communications and collaboration designed to help businesses worldwide improve service, increase productivity and reduce costs.

The following is a summary of the Genesys cloud and on-premises solutions:

PureCloud℠ platform (microservice cloud) -- Cloud services for customer engagement, unified communications and collaboration delivered from the company’s next-generation PureCloud℠ platform.

PureConnect Cloud (CaaS) - Communications as a Service (single-tenant cloud) – Cloud services for customer engagement, unified communications, business process automation, and multiple verticals delivered from the company’s CaaS platform. Offered as orderable components.

PureConnect (CIC On-Premise) – Software products for customer engagement, unified communications, business process automation, and various verticals. Offered as orderable components.

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ShoreTel Connect was designed to be the most reliable, flexible and intuitive business communications solution. ShoreTel brings a fundamentally different approach to phone system technology and the user communications experience to create a seamless delivery of services and applications that will work for your company today and adapt gracefully as your business needs change in the future.

As a product - ShoreTel Connect ONSITE is deployed as hardware and software owned and controlled locally by the customer. Leverage your IT team to achieve the lowest TCO in the industry.

As a service - ShoreTel Connect CLOUD is fully hosted and managed Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). It’s the only vertically integrated end-to-end cloud business phone solution, from the phones and PBX capabilities to implementation and support.

ShoreTel Connect HYBRID - ShoreTel Connect HYBRID combines the immediacy and convenience of managed service subscriptions delivered via the cloud with the solid performance and control of an on-premises system deployment. The result is a flexible, adaptable and strategic approach to unified communications system deployment.

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NEC has created the next evolution of our award-winning communications technologies with its UNIVERGE SV9000 Series Communications Platforms. The SV9000 Series enhances the overall user experience. From IT staff and office workers to the receptionist and all other employees, the SV9000 Series provides communication tools that can be tailored to individual roles to streamline information delivery and increase productivity.

UNIVERGE SV9100 - The perfect platform for small to medium sized businesses that want to grow their organization and be competitive in the marketplace.

UNIVERGE SV9300 - The ideal platform for small to medium sized businesses that want to grow their organizations with smart communications.

UNIVERGE SV9500 - A powerful communications platform designed with today’s mobile customer in mind.

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With more than 30 years of continuous innovation, Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc. (AVST) is a trusted developer of software-based Unified Communications (UC) solutions for businesses of all sizes.

CX-E is the industry’s most interoperable UC platform on the market because it works with what you already have. Now, your existing call control solutions, email systems, mobile devices, presence engines and data infrastructure can all work in harmony. No other UC platform offers a higher level of interoperability. CX-E allows you to make the most of your existing and future UC infrastructure — it’s UC your way.

CX-H is an easy-to-deploy hospitality and messaging solution designed for small to mid-size businesses to cost-effectively manage voice communications, improve guest experience and hotel staff productivity. Built on a proven Linux platform, CX-H delivers feature-rich applications including call processing, personal call control, voicemail, automated attendant, unified messaging, mobility, fax and other communications features critical to the hospitality industry.

CX-C provides service providers, wireless carriers and network operators with a cloud-based unified communications (UC) platform delivering rich communication solutions. Based on a pay-for-use subscription fee licensing model, CX-C delivers the most sought after mobile solutions including unified messaging, single number reach, single mailbox, voicemail, broadcast messaging, automated attendant and fax messaging. Unlike other enterprise messaging platforms being re-engineered for the cloud, CX-C is ready-made for the cloud.

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VCourt powered by
VCourt lets case parties and attorneys make virtual court appearances by telephone, and allows court staff to easily manage those virtual appearances on a user-friendly console.

By combining the leading quality of telephony and video technology with new, up-to-date workflows, VCourt is – easier, better, and faster than anything out there!

Improves Access to Justice
Reduce Cancellations
Reduce Crowding and Traffic in Courtrooms
Help your Budget

How it works:
•The public can register for a VCourt virtual appearance using our web interface
•The case number is used to pull the appearance information from the case management system
•The Streamwrite credit card payment module processes a secure transaction to collect the payment and post the payment and appearance information back to the case management system
•The appearance is also scheduled in the VCourt employee web interface
•Reminders can be set by the public user by text or email
•Attorneys are given the option to register for multiple virtual appearances in a single session prior to making payment
•Our VCourt Operator Console allows court staff to manage the virtual appearances with the case number to help identify the party to the case
•Can be deployed by any division the court or phased in by division

**VCourt Virtual Appearance module can be deployed either as an on premise or hosted solution

Sonexis offers on-premises and cloud conferencing solutions. Our conferencing solutions are engineered to provide the most flexible, dynamic and cost effective collaboration for the enterprise—hands down.

Sonexis ConferenceManager™2- provides organizations (large or small) a feature-rich, easy-to-use and simple-to-deploy conferencing platform.

CONTEX Summit- is a highly reliable and scalable conferencing system that allows for unmatched attended, unattended and on-demand conferencing features within a single platform.

Conference Connect -Sonexis understands that no two clients, and no two conferences, are exactly alike. That’s why Sonexis ConferenceConnect™ has engineered conferencing services to work together in the way that best suits your needs.

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Convergys provides a proven portfolio of products that can be integrated easily into your network as either standalone or as part of a powerful solution that provides an effective and enriching omnichannel customer experience.

As a supplier of technology to Communication Service Providers, Convergys Technologies is uniquely positioned to provide Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNEs), and Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNOs) with a full suite of integrated products that delivers a consistent multichannel environment that can offer your customers a quality service, while adding value to your network.